Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hand paints and marble balls.

Simply just a mess! Sometimes I give my girls some messy art sessions with no goal at all. Squeezing paint from tubes and dipping anything they want to dip in it. This time they picked marble balls. Massaging those little fingers, mixing colours and making some tracks on the paper. Great activity and unlimited imagination dose :)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Gouache paint mud track in safari.

This will keep small ones busy for at least an hour! All you have to do is to make sure there are extra mountains of paint to race their cars through the messiest and most colourful muddy puddles
Car tracks, animal foot prints, dirty hands and happy play.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Space scene with Chris Hadfield.

Weekend project! Space theme this week :D
Before we start - I am terribly sorry for the quality of the pictures. The page just would not upload pictures as black and shiny as they actually are... Ah, well... Never mind!
This picture is based on Chris Hadfield's "space oddity" videoclip. Girl's excitement about floating Chris and his (as girls said) escaping guitar was so loud that there was no question what scene are we gonna choose for our picture. It had to be just that plus moon. Girls absolutely love the moon, they love the way it looks - "it has bubble stains on it" :D And of course shining Milky Way, planets, stars, spaceship and satellite with Chris Hadfield floating in space to catch his escaping guitar... :)
I try my best to introduce my girls to books and encyclopaedias as exploring and studying material early. I keep telling them: "every answer can be found in books - that's how Mammy knows things - by reading and searching." :D !
First, we made some research about the space and the solar system - how many planets are there, what are those planets like, which one is the biggest, which one is the smallest, colours etc. Watched some short cartoons about planets, space and astronauts - this really got girls interested in the space. Fascinating stuff!
With the knowledge in the pocket we are confident to create some space art!
For the moon we painted some bubble wrap leftovers and copied the pattern to a white paper.
We cut out the spaceship from foam sheets. For The Milky Way we squeezed some glue on the paper and covered it with glitters. And for planets we used some recently painted paper. From some forgotten sticker leftovers we took out the shiniest parts and sticked them between the planets.
Then I drew the astronaut and his guitar , made a small hole next to the space station and another one not far from it. Through both holes I assessed a pipe cleaner and secured it with a sticky tape on the wrong side of the picture and the same I did attaching guitar and astronaut Chris to the other side of the pipe cleaner.
Once we were happy with the design, we folded tinfoil and attached it around the pictures using sellotape on the wrong side of the picture. Totally successful 3D picture!