Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas branch !!!

Look at concentration in these children eyes ! And the result speaks for itself. Just a simple branch picked outside the house, few drops of paint, some modelling clay beads, some quick fabric bows and buttonstopped up with simple paper hearts...
30 minutes of pure creation and concentration.

Magic reading.

Books. Fireplace. Globes. Maps.
We read to live more than one life.

Painting on acetate sheets.

This is a great project ! You can put your finished painting in the window, hang in on the wall, even in the car window ! And how much fun making it :)
For the snowman we mixed our usual - shaving foam with glue.
And for the tree just simple gauche paint. Few buttons for eyes and snowman, black beads for mouth and job done !
Love it !

Sunday, November 23, 2014

DIY Teepee.

Absolutely a Must in every child's room ! Kids want to read in it, sleep in it, play in it and hide in it.
For this teepee I used all leftover fabric I could find. I even cut a jumper for the top !
In a local hardware store I got 7 bamboo sticks for 10 euro. Yey !
Here are 2 links how to make your own teepee.
For headpieces I used some fabric, put feathers on it in a line and sew over them. Here is link for no sew headpiece : Here is us making headpieces for all our friends :)

Autumn crafts.

Colours and wind, wellies and rain.. Long evenings at home next to a blasting fire.. The most craftiest time of the year !
Picking colourful leaves, searching for the last flower in the field, finding mushrooms on a gigantic tree - it's a serious search to get the best of autumn collection for our recreation of autumn storm !