Sunday, September 7, 2014

Girly Sunday.

You will need : clay, beads, crayons.
Exercising those little fingers encourage them to roll and pull and squeeze clay, make different shapes until they have a smooth ball.
Once you are happy with the ball - press hard on it and make a pancake. Using needle write your name in the clay. Gently stretch the clay - lines you drew in it will stretch and leave gaps wider. That will make beading for those little fingers much easier.
Start putting beads in-between the lines.
Once the whole name is beaded, prepare crayons. Chop them in as thin pieces as you can. Then using fingers press into the clay making a space to put in crayon shavings. Any shapes you want. We chose flower shape. Add crayons to your artwork !
Now it's time to melt crayons and complete the artwork. I turned on grill in the oven and left the whole piece in the oven for about 3 minutes. Don't close the oven door, you just need to melt crayons a little bit not bake the whole clay. Otherwise the smell of melting plastic from beads will be unbearable. I tried melting it with hairdryer, bit pieces of crayon was flying everywhere (obviously... my blondness kicked in... ).
Job done ! Leave it over night to get hard.

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