Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Flour castles.

This project is for brave parents who don't fear great and heavy cleaning session... :/
We discovered this madness while preparing some Christmas baking. Dough mixing got out of control and became a flour storm! Girls had so much fun that we have been practising flour castle building at least every second week. Candy volcanos, animal prints in flour, snowing over candies... so many things to imagine with flour!
All you need to have is a pack of flour. Some summer sand forms, spoons, animals, cake sprinkles goes well together.
I highly recommend to make candy volcanos - mini and large. Small one was stamping small craters and filling them with sprinkles and my oldest daughter made a big volcano which collapsed and swallowed all of sweet lava sprinkles.
Than animals were passing over volcanic area in search for candies but all they found was just another footprints in flour....
And saving best for last - a total freestyle vandalism! And a footprint on the rug which apparently doesn't belong to anybody... :/

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