Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Imitating a rain cloud.

When art session was done it was time to get some science going. I found this really educational and fun activity on pinterest. It looked so interesting that I myself couldn't wait to try this out! This is one of the greatest and most simplest way of learning the very basic concept of clouds - how they hold water and when there is too much water it starts to rain.
You will need:
-a clear glass or a jar or a vase
-Food colouring (you can use other coloured water but this seems to give the best colours)
-Shaving cream
-pipette (eye dropper)
Fill drinking glass or vase with water but not to the top, leave an inch from the top unfilled. Then top the glass with shaving cream. This is the moment when you can explain about clouds and what types of clouds are there. Then add blue food coloring to the "clouds". Please note that this works best to concentrate the food coloring in a couple areas...rather than add a drop here or there. For more colourful rain add all the colours you have :)

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