Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shaving foam art and pooping rabbits :)

Who thought of this?!!! What a total genius! Since our discovery of shaving foam crafts there have been no rest. And our shopping basket is starting to get attention from our local shop assistants... :/ I can only imagine what are their thoughts.... :D :D :D
Having our friends over, entertainment level had to be tip-top. And shaving foam did just that! We did two art sessions and one science session. And kids were kept busy for over 3 hours! Success or what :D
You will need
1. Shaving foam
2. Liquid glue (we used all craft white clue)
3. Colours. Any. We used food colorants but it stains your hands. Gouache colours would be the best for younger kids.
4. Bowl to mix all ingredients.
Pour equal parts shaving cream and white glue into a bowl. Stir the two ingredients together with a spoon until the finished product is slightly stiff. When you take the spoon out of the bowl and hold it upside down, the paint should stay on the spoon. Make a new mixture for each color you'd like to paint. Once paintings are done, allow the paint to dry overnight before touching it.
So here is what we did, how we did it and why we did it:
Our two rabbits Hiccups and Bruce Lee had been constipated for nearly 2 days. We were so worried... And one moment my oldest daughter notices that there are few tiny, little poo in the rabbits toilet. Well, the excitement in the room! (... :D ...)
Kids decided that they need to make a drawing for this happy moment. And here is the result - happy, healthy, pooping rabbits (What a laugh I had... :D :D :D )
After that there was some intense colour mixing, more glue pouring and more foam and foam and foam and foam. There was no end to new ideas of what to draw next.
Highly addictive art. Be advised!

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