Sunday, January 12, 2014

Life in Arctic project.

Highly, highly educational project for children! And too much fun! This is probably the most favourite project of mine we have done so far.
This is our idea of what Arctic looks like :) And this is how we did it: First of all we had to suit-up for the project with our Icelandic t-shirts!
Then we took out our map to see where Arctic is.
We talked about how cold it is there and which animals lives there.
Then it was time to learn what is ice and what is it made of.
Girls learnt that ice can be frozen from a liquid to a solid. The ideal is to have an ice cube tray. That way kids can be putting blocs of ice on the top of each other and build away. Unfortunately we had only ice bags. But they were fun, too! You can have a great fun squeezing the ice between your fingers until they slips out knocking down some ice buildings :)
Girls were fascinated to follow the progress of ice forming.
They kept opening the freezer and touching ice bag to see if the bag is getting any harder.
While waiting on the ice, we watched National Geography documentary about polo bears.
It is time to build Arctic scene! We used polystyrene box. Not only it is perfectly white but it also ensured that the ice blocks stayed frozen for longer. We took the ice cubes out of the bag and learnt that ice is starting to melt once you hold it in your hands.
Great way to experiencing temperatures and textures with fingertips
Once the ice was in the box, we added polo bears and reindeers.
And then it was time to let it snow!
We got some silver, sparkling glitter and sifted it all over our Arctic scene. It was an amazing picture. Looked really, really pretty.
After our project girls asked me to watch just a bit more about polo bears :)
Science. Geography. Construction. Art. All in one project!

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