Thursday, January 2, 2014

Surprise in the post box.

Sending little parcels via post is so much more fun, so much more creative and so much more romantic than emails! Thinking about the people while making a little surprises, sharing your time.. Making your friends and family feel loved :) **************************************************************************************** Two day "surprise parcel" project has been successful! Every so often we make something for our friends and family overseas. This time we used modelling clay to make hearts, beads and some animals. For some of the hearts we made a little holes in the middle of them to be able to put a thread through. Next step - we took many different colour yarn and cut them in tiny pieces. After the shapes were dry, we painted them! Last step - make it all come together! We used wooden frame and decorated it. Running the thread through the beads and hearts we wrapped the frame with it making a knot every so often to let the items hang as they please :) We didn't use a glue to attach the heart and the rooster on the sides, we secured them with the thread instead.. just incase it falls off before reaching post box! **************************************************************************************** For the pictures on the paper ------> first, girls made a small, abstract painting on the paper. Then we glued some of the hearts around the paper. And the last we took the yarn we cut in tiny pieces and glued it all around the hearts and painting. The result was quite charming! We were really pleased with the result. So were the people who received our little art :) ****************************************************************************************

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