Monday, January 6, 2014

Dirty hands are creative hands.

My parenting philosophy is quite simple- let children get as messy as they wish, as dirty as they wish and support all the crazy ideas and projects kids are coming up with. When I say messy and dirty, I am talking about a play time not the house... Feeling texture of earth while rubbing hands in a mud, jumping in a pond after a rainy day, smell of grass while rolling down the hill, feeling sandy ground under bear feet.. No DVDs, toys and tidy house will let your child to understand the world better.
Giving no limits to child's play (as long as it's safe, of course) you are opening their imagination to the world with no impossibilities.
Fantasy and imaginative play are building blocks of children’s intellectual and creative ability. By keeping your child clean and not allowing daily messy play time, you are putting your child in a clean and neat box. The problem with the clean box is that once you are growing up with a certain vision, it becomes impossible to imagine how it looks outside the box. The imagination, wish to explore and experiment ends at the wall you have built.
All of us need access to creativity to solve the problems of daily life. Imagination helps children grow up to be adults who are creative thinkers.

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