Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ice cream can help..

When desperation kicks in, the only way for me to save my sanity is to simply stop. Food has to be cooked, clothes must be washed, children spilled yoghurt over the only tidy spot in the house and on the top of all that I just want to read some news and have a moment in my "corner" to do just a bit of crafting before it's time to go to nightshift... Non of that is happening! Like a hurricane kids has gotten in a fight, crying, screaming, door bell rings, dog goes crazy, soup is boiling over, tripping over some toys on the floor I nearly knock our postmen down... At times I think I could lock myself in a bathroom and cry... But I have discovered something much better... :) I simply stop. Stop doing anything at all. Careless as a child I make the biggest ice cream for everyone and put on some good music..! Whipping ice cream all over the face my girls forgot what were they fighting over. Putting legs on the table 3 of us are busy eating ice cream and dreaming what would we like to do next. Who would like to clean and cook? Noooooo! Ice cream gives you careless mind just enough to forget about obligations and have a bit of fun instead stress.. Like Wilco sings "...keeping things clean doesn't change anything...." .

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