Wednesday, January 8, 2014

DIY fairy house.

This 2 day project was a total success!!! Girls really got into the process of creation.
To make one house you will need :
1. 6 foam sheets (any size you prefer) + extra for applications
2. Thread and needle or a sewing machine
3. Glue
4. Some cardboard. It doesn't have to be very thick and strong. We recycled some boxes that toys, puzzles etc came in . Cardboard sheets has to be just few mm smaller than walls of the house.
5. Whatever you like to use making design on the house. We used glitter glue and foam sheet.
We started with cutting out windows and door on the sheet for front of the house. Then we made a design on each of the walls. We cut out different shapes from foam sheets and glued and sewed them on.
There is no difference between sewed or glued on, they both are holding on well, my oldest daughter wanted to try to operate ( :D ) sewing machine so we sewed some on :)
We put on some curtains by attaching some lace to the windows by sewing them on from the wrong side but you can use glue if you like. Once you are happy with the designs - sew the walls together. We used sewing machine for the side walls. Next sew the floor together with the walls. For the ceiling you need to sew together only 3 sides at first. Then you need to fit 4 sheets of the cardboard for the floor and 3 sides of the walls. Just push them in so they stand against the walls supporting them.
Foam sheets are so soft that they need something to help them standing up straight or the house will bend to all directions...
Foam sheets are very flexible, they won't break. We stitched the cardboard to the wall with a quick X stitch at one random place, just to make sure it won't slip off the place. Once that is done you can close the last side of the ceiling. We stitched it by hand as it is impossible to bend the cardboard to fit in for sewing machine.
Your fairy ouse is ready!
The house is very flexible! It can't hurt even the smallest darlings - it is super soft! Your small ones can carry it around as they please because it is very light!

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