Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Baking got out of control..

Bless the person who is responsible for hoover existence! This is a typical baking attempt in our house... Starting with a lovely idea of a quick muffin or a carrot cake and ends in an absolute flour hurricane! Mixing, stirring, measuring, pouring - is there anything else kids loves more! They can be at it the whole day! And when you let them dig with a spoon in a flour or sugar pack and do a bit of adjustments to the dough - they will love you even more than eating cookies :D
baking is by far one of the most fun way to learn math skills, coordination skills, visual perceptual skills and many more
But be advised - there will be flour castle building and snow storm imitation... And it will get out of control EVERY TIME!
No panic! Superhero hoover will never let you down and save your kitchen in less then 2 hours of heavy hoovering session!!!

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