Thursday, January 2, 2014

How we saved for 1 day ticked to Disneyland!

Amélie's long time favourite cartoon characters is a boy called Pocoyo. And that was the only toy she was asking to get. When I looked into it, decent looking and cuddling size toy came out to be just over 60 euro with ridiculous delivery coast (OMG for a toy!!!). So I decided to make one! Got the pattern for $5 and used leftover yarn and together with Amélie started to make Pocoyo. It turned out to be perfectly imperfect, asymmetric and unproportional and totally the best pocoyo because Amélie could take a big part in this project - holding yarn ball, positioning body parts and cutting out eye. And we have saved the exact amount for one day ticket to DISNEYLAND! Wooohooo!!!

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