Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bubble painting.

A very simple project with long lasting fun! Painting with bubbles :) Girls never gets tired of this. You need: 1. few bowls 2. washing-up liquid 3. water 4. food colorants 5. paper sheets 6. a straw Prepare a bowl for each colour. Add washing-up liquid and a bit of water. For each bowl add different colour food colorant. Give your mixtures a good stir and then blow into it with a straw to create lots and lots of bubbles. Once you have enough bubbles made, gently place the paper over the bubbles and let them burst on the paper until most of the bubbles are gone. Do the same for each colour. You can use the same paper to create layers of colours. Allow the paper to dry. Bubble stains will leave very pretty marks on the paper.

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