Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas stocking bunting.

Quick peek on our DIY Christmas stocking :) Mind the messy ott. fire place - girls felt they need to decorate it themselves.... :O
My oldest daughter picked out colours and decided what should go on each stocking. She also operated the sewing machine pedal for each and every stocking ! Absolutely amazing to see her growing into a crafty young lady !
So this is how we did it. We drew a stocking on a paper, cut it out - that was our stencil. Then we put two felt sheets together, put our paper stocking on it and cut out the shape. Then it was time to drew a snowman, deer and owl ! I want to suggest for those who can't draw - type in google silhouette of whatever you want to draw and copy that on the paper and apply to the fabric. This stocking can also be made without sewing - glue it if you don't have a sewing machine. There is no need for an opening.. It will be as good !
Then we added some Christmas ribbon on the top and attached them all to one long ribbon. Job done !

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