Sunday, December 28, 2014

Develop pictures on a glass.

This post is for parents to have some fun creating !
I thought I will share it, it is absolutely a MUST try !!!
Instead of usual photo frames - this is a great way to funk up your place. Hang them few cm off the wall, with the shadow it looks quite impressive !
This picture is developed in a darkroom on a glass from a regular picture frame . But no worries, there are ways how you can make it without darkroom skills.
I have found few tutorials how to transfer your picture on a glass.
One of them is in this great blog! Highly suggest to scroll around it for some more home inspirations.
Here is another pretty good description how to get your pictures on a glass or a cup or wherever you wish -
And here is a link for those who knows one or two things about darkroom. This tutorial uses the classic direct liquid emulsion process.
Have fun !

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