Sunday, December 28, 2014

Frozen treasure.

Water has magic powers ! Oh, yes ! Water is TOTALLY a superhero ! Why? Oh, oh, oh !!! Water can be a liquid or a solid and can go back and forth from one form to the other ! :D :D :D
Do you want to see water perform magic in our own freezer ?!?!!!
This is such a creative, educational and magical project to do with kids. And ! What kid doesn't like treasure !?! How about freezing your treasures !!!
All you have to have is water, any type of container that will fit in your freezer and lots of tiny, shiny, exciting treasures :) We used buttons, beads, mini figures and generously topped it all up with some serious amount of glitter :)
This is a great opportunity to explain your kids about winter, temperature, ice, snow. Kids get very curious following the progress of water slowly becoming ice.
So lets start with placing all your treasures in a container filled with water. Once it's done - sprinkle some glitter and place it in the freezer and start exploring freezing process.
Once all studies are done and water is frozen - it's time to search for your treasures ! It works the best in dark when you can use a torch searching for the treasure imagining that, in between bubbles, there is a frozen land where buttons are clouds, where it snows glitter over the ground of diamond pearls... !
To speed up melting process, let your kids to draw rainbows over their frozen land by pouring colour over it and adding a bit of warm water. The best is to mix colours with warm water before pouring it over the ice block.
I can guarantee that you will be as excited as your kids making this project ! Or my be it's just me....? :D

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